Sindar Kennel, LLC


Sindar Kennel is an expert behavior specialty facility focused on ensuring and improving canine mental wellness, providing stimulating environmental and social enrichment, and enhancing canine social skills. Our very small intimate facility offers mental stimulation, as opposed to boredom, where the human companion's time away is used as an opportunity for your dog to have a customized vacation of their own. 

Each day, each dog experiences:

  • Four play sessions per day in the grass-covered yard with carefully chosen playmates in very small groups, usually two to five dogs each, to allow your dog to have fun without feeling overwhelmed. Through supervised play, your dog’s social skills improve through positive interactions with other dogs, coached when needed by a qualified behavior expert to improve communication skills.
  • Time for resting in a private den. All dens are designed to eliminate anxiety by providing privacy and “contact security” which is a den-mimic design. Den design eliminates anxiety and provides the proper environment for true rest and relaxation.
  • All night long companionship and supervision. Melissa's home is incorporated as part of the facility, so she sleeps under the same roof as the dogs, not in a separate building. Due to this unique facility design, dogs are monitored all through the night and any sounds of distress, no matter what hour, would be immediately addressed.
  • And more! Expert disease prevention protocols, a quiet facility in the country, liberal pick-up and drop-off hours seven days a week, no additional fees for medication administration, puppy or rescue acquisition and socialization counseling, and more.


To provide the most flexibility for our clients, based on client feedback, we choose not to have an extremely limited check in/check out time each day. We are open for arrivals and departures, twelve hours per day, seven days a week. To facilitate this open schedule, we charge fees by the calendar day rather than the evening, which allows each client to more easily bring their dog to Sindar on the way out of town and pick up when returning.

Rate for one dog per household per den:                     $48.00

Second dog per household per den:                            +$28.00 = $76.00

Third dog per household per den:                                +$15.00 =  $91.00

Fourth dog or more per household per den:             +$15.00 per dog

10% Discount is applied to all stays that are 30 days or longer.

No additional fee for administering medications.

No additional fee for separating household companion dogs during mealtime if needed.

Hours of availability for arrival and departure of clients are 7 AM to 7 PM, 7 days a week. There may be some shortened hours on select holidays, however, Sindar maintains some available arrival and departure hours on all days of operation in the year.

Sindar Kennel, LLC
Sindar Kennel, LLC