Melissa Hartley
Behavior Consulting

With a sharp focus on Canine Mental Wellness, Sindar Kennel offers a unique experience in Canine Boarding in the Aiken, South Carolina area. All the care, facility design, anxiety elimination protocols and canine social skills development has been created by a formally trained Canine Behavior Consultant.

Our Features Include:

Fun Without Fuss
Playmates are carefully chosen by a canine behavior consultant. Playgroups are kept small where social skills can be supervised, maintained, and developed. Individual dogs that can not be in direct contact with other dogs and need social skill development can be accommodated.

Right At Home...Literally
With the kennel and owner residence uniquely combined into one facility, each individual playgroup or dog hangs out each day in the residence laying on the couches and dog beds in the living room of a behavior expert.

Security Through the Night
Since the kennel and residence are combined, dogs are monitored through the night. Only footsteps apart, the kennel owner and dog guest are intimately connected.

Custom Diets
Canines are kept on their usual diets. Medical specialty diets can easily be maintained. Finicky eaters are accommodated. A low stress environment ensures your canine will eat normally.

Play Yard and Nature Trails
Four supervised romps in the yard each day keeps dogs and playgroups exercised and having fun. For added exercise, a mile long on-lead woodland trail walk is available.

Cozy and Quiet Dens
Canines need time each day to rest quietly and take a break. Climate-controlled suites or dens are designed to reduce anxiety and provide a safe place for rest to get ready for their next session of fun. Each den has an individual covered porch for seeing what the birds are up to.

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